Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delta Force/Delta Force 2

Moving to the target area

You'll have to run faster than that...


                                                                                                     What I think about it

Delta Force is pretty fun overall, but it does get a bit bland after a while. The missions start blending together, and before long you're like " Didn't I just do this a few minutes ago?". But don't worry, this game has one of the best replay values ever. Nothing like raiding a base for a codebook with several other operatives watching your back. The AI isn't so wonderful but the game itself has a small level of realism. You can't just go run in guns blazing unless you want to die quicky. The mulitplayer is dead, but you can fight against your friends if you like over LAN. It is a good game, but you shouldn't plan on buying it if you don't have patience and/or good aim.

System requirements:
Processor: Pentium 166 MMX or better
System RAM: 32 MB required
Hard Disk Space: Delta force: 283 MB Delta Force 2: 532 MB
CDRom: 4X drive
Sound Card: Any Windows Compatible
Video Card: Any Windows Compatible
Direct X: Version 1+
Multiplay: 32 Players on NovaWorld, 8 players IPX

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  1. Haven't played this for years. Great game back in the day.

  2. looks like my computer could run it

  3. Awsome!! Brings back the memorries!! My favoutite title was delta force land warrior and delta force black hawk down!

  4. Indeed! The second one seemed a bit bland..but the original left 4 dead with the weapons of left 4 dead 2 would be amazing

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